Summer 2009

3rd – 7th August: “How to Make a Dance Film” (Chorlton -St Clements )

This workshop is based on all dance films including; “Step Up”, “Honey”, and “High School Musical”. Music and songs will be taken from the films, but the drama will be different!

This workshop is for all who enjoy singing, dancing and acting!

10th – 14th August: “The Wicked Wiz of Oz” (Hale - Hale Chapel)

This workshop is based on “The Wizard of Oz”, “The Wiz”, and the new hit West End musical “Wicked”.

* Note for parents: The workshop is suitable for all ages, there will be no scenes that could be frightening to young children, as the drama is only based on the above.

This workshop involves singing, dancing and acting, and is thouroughly enjoyable. It is a brand new, very exciting theme!

10th-14th August ” High School musical vs Grease ” ( Heaton Moor- United Reform Church)

This workshop is all about when East High meets Rydell High it includes all your favourite characters and songs from the musicals.

17th – 21st August: “You Can’t Stop the Beat” (Chorlton – St Clements)

This workshop is based on the musical and film, “Hairspray”.

Anyone who loved the film/musical, or who just loves to perform, will really enjoy this workshop!

24th – 28th August: ”You Can’t Stop the Beat” (Hale – Hale Chapel)

Repeated week by popular demand

Children will be involved in all aspects of performance, including script ideas!


* Workshops are open to everyone from ages 4-14, although anyone older who would still like to join in is very welcome. Why not ask about internship.

* A normal day runs from 9.30am to 4pm, with additional hours available at no extra cost. Any special requirements should be discussed when booking a place.

* The price of the workshops is £85 per 5 day week, 4 day weeks cost £80.

* We have been able to keep our prices the same for a number of years due to excellent loyalty  from our customers.

* Why not ask about our “Recommend a Friend” scheme!