Some of the comments from children who recently took part in a four-day workshop teaching science through drama:

‘I liked it all ! I wish you could come back next week’ – Maria
‘This has been the best week ever’ – Cain
‘I liked all of it’ – Alex
‘I liked the news bulletin’ – Matt

Some comments from parents:

“My daughter really enjoyed the week. It exceeded our expectations.”

“A broken arm limited my daughter’s dance, but she loved the weeks.”

“What a brilliant way to introduce Shakespeare!”

“My son always enjoys your workshops and I think there is a good balance between play and learning.” (S. Clifford)

“They’re great! My daughter has loved both the weeks she’s attended.” (Mrs A. Sneath)

“I was incredibly impressed last summer and can’t wait for Annabel to come again.”

Fantastic production.  J …. really enjoyed the week

A brilliant show.  Some stars are born!  Thank you.

Fantastic performance.  Well done to everyone! 

Well done – brilliant show in just five days!  Thank you.  Our kids have enjoyed every day.

Brilliant – loved it.  Granny to L ….. and G ……

It was a sensation

Fantastic – very impressed.  Great fun!  Thanks

What a wonderful end to the most wonderful week! 

It was amazing

A wonderful performance.  Well done!

The best value for money I’ve seen for a long, long time – and some Happy Kids!

What all the children learnt in a week was amazing!  Well done to everyone and special thanks to The Teach UK Team.

It was a very interesting show – it was great!!!

Brilliant – loved it J

Very amusing

Brilliant show – well done to everyone.

Fantastic – a brilliant mix of singing, dancing and acting

At Teach UK we do not discriminate in any way. The only requirement is that the Students want to take part in our workshops. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in.

Other venues are to be advised that the company reserves the right to change the programme content. For more details contact our booking hotline on 0161 945 5515 or book online.

Our workshops can be tailored to cover all of the areas of the performing arts, as well as all of the ‘behind the scenes’ activities involved in putting on a performance or creating a radio or TV show. We can also develop the workshops further and go beyond just performing into SCIENCE and COMMUNICATIONS.

Whilst plays and script-writing can enhance literacy; generating awareness of beat and rhythm can aid numeric and computer skills; and the technical elements of putting on a production can help with planning, estimating and measuring skills, the staff at Teach UK recognise that science and personal development are also key aspects of a child’s full and rounded education.

Our personal development workshops aimed at both staff and pupils can help teambuilding, increase confidence, can include personal coaching and will enhance everyone’s people skills.