Our curriculum-based workshops are an alternative way of teaching the school syllabus. Our workshops are carefully designed so that children benefit from learning about the chosen subject in a creative and fun way, often using drama, dance and music.


Historic Figures

This workshop aims to get children to identify key historic figures, and information about those figures in a fun and creative way. The workshop involves creative writing, drama and movement, to develop childrens confidence, creative and literary skills. 

Choreograph by Numbers


This workshop aims to get the children to use numeracy skills in a creative and “real life” way. It involves a lot of movement, and team work, to develop good team building and confidence.

How the Body Works


This workshop aims to get the children to discover how the body works through movement. There will be different methods of exploration involved and will develop skills such as, trust, team building and confidence.

George’s Marvellous Medicine… Or is it?

This workshop intends to introduce children to the idea of using chemicals through a potion making activity . The children will create imaginary potions and decide how the potion reacts. Moving on to look at actual chemicals and what happens when certain chemicals/elements are mixed together. The children will use creative writing and movement to explore the topic.

Solids, Liquids and Gases

This workshop lets the children explore, how solids, liquids and gases are made up, also how they react to being heated or cooled, and what happens when a force acts on them. There will be a lot of team work involved, and points where the whole group must work together.


All workshops will end with a quick discussion/ question and answer session, where we will see if the workshop has sparked enthusiasm/inquisitiveness. It also lends as a brief evaluation of how the session has gone, and it would be good if any teachers present could be involved in this.